Our Vision

"To extend the highest levels of public service with the strong motivation derived by the saying "Everything is possible " and to transform into the utmost and highly acclaimed Divisional Secretariat in the country in the time to come."


Our Mission

"To uplift the living conditions of people in the area through an efficient, sustainable, planned development process by service provision, resource co-ordination and public participatory approach in pursuant to the set state policies."

History of Nattandiya Divisional Secretariat

When turning at the historical background of the Nattandiya Divisional Secretary area, the city of Nattandiya in the Thammenna area or Puttalam district of the North Western province rolls back to a long history. In highlighting age old information of it, Nattandiya became a trading centre as well as a hub of old chronicles.

There are many legends on forming the name of Nattandiya. One of them was, of a village lying near to Nattandiya called Walahapitiya, a village congested with so many bears and a wooden barrier had been set up to block their way to the Nattandiya city. This area was highly populated, deriving word of crowd by “Nath” and “Thandiya” came to mean logs. So, the word of Nattandiya derived its name as the said way.

Another legend on the same matter reveals that logs of “Na” tree, most common tree specy found in the area. had been used to discard bears invading into the city of Nattandiya.

As well, the city of Nattandiya had been famous as the commercial centre with effect from 18th century onwards. For that purpose, “Paru” (ferries) canal or the “Dutch” canal constructed by the Dutch must have contributed immensely and natural water sources on both sides of the canal way must have helpful in the canal building.

Transporting of salt, aricanut, betel, dry fish etc. from Puttalam to Colombo through ferries  had been undertaken. As well, essential food items, clothes and multicasts from Colombo had been transported on return journey. With the onset of science and technology in the 20th century, brought transport on the Dutch canal standstill and at present it remain dilapidated, out of use.

Further, the legends built around the creation of village names situated within Nattandiya Divisional Secretariat are very interesting and meaningful. It is worth mentioning some of them, highlighting diligence and dignity of history claimed by Nattandiya.

The village called Yakdessawa is situated next to the historical road way called “Rata Meda Para” demarcating districts of Puttalam and Kurunegala in the low country of the Nattandiya DS division in Pitigal Korale south in Puttalam district as divided by the Portuguese. And, largest cluster of paddy fields within the Nattandiya DS division is found in this area. Further, this village of Yakdessawa too related with legends of its own.

One out of them was this paddy field had been assaddumized by giant called Gotaimbara and place where stones and other valueless things were stored had made up as a mountain called “Kotakanda” which had been situated on the western boundary.

In addition, a tribe called Yaksha had been living around lakes and a water way ran across the said lakes called the “Yakabediella”. These legends detail that this water way had been obstructed by a stony dam at Giriulla area and these lakes were created due to its flow through this area. And, human settlements followed by this lakes were many in nubmers naming Gonawila, Yakwila, Elivila, Narawila, Mavila, Marawila and Iranawila.

These “Yaksha” tribes had been chased away after employing them for sawing paddy fields  by giant Gotaimbara and the irritated tribes had come back tracing giant Gotaimbara. This meeting had taken place in a village and placed blame on him at the same place called “Yakdessawa”.

The legends further reveals that the giant Gotaimbara had piled up the paddy harvest up to a height to witness the sea but could not see the scene by climbing it up. Being irritated over his failure, he kicked in to harvest with his right leg and a large portion of paddy had been sprinkled away and ended up in dust. The area where this happened is called as “Pitigal Korale south”.

Even today the main livelihood of the people in the division is farming and a great service is rendered by DS secretariat to development of the country at large and people in the area in special in addition to its contribution in the field of industry.

Commissioned as a Regional Revenue officers division in the last quarter of the year 1960 and elevated to the status of a Divisional Secretariat in 1992. Its territory is bounded by north by Mahawewa DS division, east by Udubaddawa & Pannala DS divisions (Kurunegala district boundary), south by Dankotuwa & Wennappuwa DS divisions and west by the Mahawewa DS division and Indian ocean.



According to the geographical divisions of Sri Lanka, the Nattandiya Divisional Secretary division belongs to the coastal zone. Its area extends from sea level to around 12 Km interior of the country. It belongs to low country dry zone and enriches with weather condition of south east monsoonal zone. In mentioning on the annual rainfall and temperature, no any considerable variations are seen and annual temperature remains around 23 Celsius. The rainfall to the area is experienced in two folds. Its around 155 mm in the months of April, May, June and October, November and reduces to around 44 mm in other months of the year.


Commissioned in the year 1992, this Divisional Secretariat is comprised with 47 GN divisions. At the time it remained as a RDO office, had maintained only 33 GN divisions.

According to censes revelations in the year 2010, the total population in the division had estimated to around 65324.

Role performed at DS

Name From To
Mr. K.N.J.Coorey Since Innoguration 1991
Mr. J.R. Ranjith 1991 1992
Mr. Vincent Rathnayake 1992 1998
Mr. W.J. Lowe 1998 2002
Mr. J.H.N. Ariyasena 2002 2004
Ms. R.H.J. Mallika 2004 2007
Mr. S.M.L. Chandrasiri 2007 2012
Mrs. N.A.A.P.S. Nissanka 2012 2018
Mrs. J.A.V. Wasanthika(Acting) 2018 2019.01.20
Mr. D.M.R.P. Dasanayake 2019.02.21  2020.09.08
Mrs. H.M.N.Herath 2020.09.18 2021.01.19
Mr. L.D.Chathuraka Jayasinghe 2021.01.20 up to date

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